another week closer to the eschaton…

A Patriotic Duty: Repeal the Patriot Act and The Patriot Act: When Truth Becomes Treason – i am a patriot? americans are not nearly afraid enough.

Not Enjoying TSA Grope-Down is a Suspicious Activity – “a very large segment of the population” are terrorists, and will no longer be able to travel by anything more technologically advanced than a bicycle.

Protecting Us from Our Freedoms and PATRIOT Act Extension Scheme Sells out Constitution – here’s an idea… let’s overthrow these douchebags and get back to the concept that america was founded on: FREEDOM!

When they took the fourth amendment,
     I was quiet because I didn’t deal drugs.
When they took the sixth amendment,
     I was quiet because I was innocent.
When they took the second amendment,
     I was quiet because I didn’t own a gun.
Now they’ve taken the first amendment,
     and I can say nothing about it.

and, speaking of freedoms, As The DEA Raids Dispensaries, It Hands Out Cannabis Growing Licenses To Big Pharma – cannabis is illegal because it “doesn’t have any medicinal value”… unless you happen to be a big pharmaceutical company that has enough money and clout to lobby the government, at which point, the same government that imprisons you hands out permits for medicinal research without questioning what the end result will be used for. 😛

Fine Print Blurs Who’s in Control of Online Photos – watch out, you may be giving away commercial rights to artwork that you created, if you upload it to the wrong place…

Radio host says Rapture actually coming in October – “wait, i was wrong” says the guy who was wrong two times before… is anybody really going to buy it this time?

President Obama’s Aunt graduates from Unification church seminary – that would definitely make me think twice about voting for him again… it’s sort of like saying his aunt is a scientologist: do we really want these people in charge of our country?

Oakland school’s lessons in gender diversity and Male-only clams stay fit by having sex with other species – more things to drive the creationists crazy… seriously, they’ve made enough “discoveries” just about sex over the past 100 years to completely wipe out any hope the creationists had of convincing me that their story is anything but a fairy tale…

finally, Tupac still alive in New Zealand – there’s a rumour that has been hacked, but if they had been, then presumably they would have taken down anything posted by the hackers – as long as they knew it was there, which they might not… yet… the page no longer exists, so maybe they found it while i was writing this… very weird…


the ballard sedentary sousa band played today at folklife, which meant that i actually left the house at 7:30 this morning, in order to get to the center grounds by 8:30. of course the BSSB didn’t actually play until 12:30, but if i had gotten there much later than 8:30, i wouldn’t have been able to find a place to park closer than about a mile and a half away. of course i also had a 10-hour parking pass, but i still would not have been guaranteed to be able to find a parking place.

so i wandered around the seattle center grounds for a few hours for a few hours, mostly before the humongous crowds of people got there. then i went back to my car and retrieved my instrument and went back up to the mural amphitheatre for the performance. it went fairly well: we had 5 trombones this afternoon, which is one less than the full compliment. i played all right from the audiences point of view (i didn’t make any mistakes that someone in the audience could have said came from me), but i didn’t play as well as i would have liked, because there wasn’t anywhere where we could warm up before going onstage.

but then, when the performance was over, the humongous crowds of people had well and truly arrived and it took me half an hour and several detours to get from the mural to the place where i had parked, because the humongous crowds of people were EVERYWHERE, and several times large sections of the humongous crowds of people had actually stopped in the middle of the path… yes, i know that it’s expected behaviour for humongous crowds of people, especially when there are such attractions as a hat vendor, or a t-shirt vendor, or that sort of thing, but i still get extraordinarily peeved at people who are walking along, and i am walking behind them, and they suddenly STOP for no very obvious reasons, which makes me stop as well, or look for some way around them… which is difficult to find when there is a humongous crowd of people everywhere… it wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the fact that i was taking up about 3 times as much space as i would have been ordinarily, because i had my trombone and my stands… there were times when i wish i could have taken my trombone stand and shoved it up the butt of the person in front of me, to get them to move out of the way, but there wasn’t anywhere for them to move, and even if there was, the same thing would have had to happen with the person in front of them, and so forth…

it’s 5:00 now, and i feel like i’m just beginning to come down from the instanity…

bun rab

bun rab
there have been a lot of ’em around this year. pretty regularly i see them early in the mornings or in the evenings, but this guy was out at 10:00 in the morning, and didn’t run away when he noticed that i was watching him… he was also about half as big as the “normal” ones i usually see, so he may just be a baby that doesn’t have his “rabbit sense” entirely clued in yet…


i’ve been working on a new web site template for the mercer island vet clinic, which is essentially finished, but it hasn’t had the content added yet, so it’s not live.

i’m about a week away from my first colonoscopy, which starts in a week with multiple degrees of laxatives and purgatives and a clear-liquid fast… which should be a “thrill”… and then, to top it all off, i get an anesthetic that causes retrograde amnesia and i have to get a ride home, because i won’t be allowed to drive for 24 hours afterward, so i’m probably going to have to take the bus to the clinic, which is the same general location that they took me when i had my brain injury. 😐 then i have to schedule another appointment with dr. wackaloon to talk about my allegedly-high blood pressure. what i maintain, which is what i maintained before i tested “high” at his office the last time, is that i run a little higher than normal, which has been reinforced by the fact that i have been checking daily for 26 days, and my average is 143/95 – which is a little higher than normal… but my life is not as “relaxed” as i would like it to be, so it’s understandable…

the ballard sedentary sousa band is performing at the mural amphitheatre on sunday, for folklife. i pulled off a miraculous save and got the last remaining parking pass when it’s original recipient (clayton) wasn’t at the last rehearsal to claim it… which means that i’ll be able to park relatively close to the amphitheatre, for free, rather than having to pay to park a couple of miles away and take the bus there and back, which will also mean that i may actually spend more than the requisite hour or so that i have to be there.

the unauthorised authorisation dialogue went away when i realised that i have the site in my RSS feed as well… i deleted the site, and the dialogue went away and has not come back. as far as i can tell, there’s still no site at, although the domain itself doesn’t expire until 2013… weird…