the difference between God and “normal”

my raîson d’étre has caused some difficulties for some people who have very strongly held opinions: i would say that they’re strongly “christian” people in general, but i’d very likely be wrong. and i’ve been thinking, once again, about how i am more drawn to people like radical athiest skeptic evolutionist p.z. myers than i … Continue reading the difference between God and “normal”

William J. Schnoebelen

William J. Schnoebelen – Another Bob Larson… the following is an approximate biographical timeline extrapolated from the biographical information found at 1941 maximum birthday – AGE 0 1947 maximum “a teacher of witchcraft, spiritism and ceremonial magick” – age minimum approx. -4, maximum 6 1951 minimum birthday – AGE 0 1963 maximum “active member … Continue reading William J. Schnoebelen

first draft of a letter that i’m going to send to a whole bunch of people

Tove Warmerdam, Parade Coordinator – Matthew R. Larson, Mayor, City of Snoqualmie Washington – Bob Larson, City Administrator, City of Snoqualmie, Washington – Joan Pliego, Media Contact, City of Snoqualmie, Washington – Leif Nesheim, Editor, Snoqualmie Valley Record – Sonia Krishnan, Reporter, Seattle Times – To whom it may … Continue reading first draft of a letter that i’m going to send to a whole bunch of people


habemas papam… white smoke and a new nazi… benedict XVI, for whatever that’s worth… also, i’m sure nobody else will remember this (it’s odd what you remember and what you forget as the result of a brain injury), but bob larson’s old talk show line – 1-800-821-TALK (8255) – has turned into a toll-free pornography … Continue reading 166


week two of drunk puppet night ended last night. it went surprisingly well considering that the producer and director of the show was in washington DC with his giant puppets. the house was packed, which is very good, and i sold 14 buttons, which isn’t outstanding, but it’s something. reminder for all you people in … Continue reading 114