new job, testing software for big brother, by way of an outsource testing firm called jetstream. it was interesting… i started on 0602 because 0601 was a “holiday”, and worked until friday, then i worked monday through thursday, i *didn’t* work on friday, and it looks like i’m not working on monday either, in spite of the fact that they’ve added me to their payroll… i guess that’s what being a “temporary employee” means. i wonder what’s going to happen next. i’ve still got unenjoyment left, but that ends in september whether i’ve used it or not.

meanwhile, it looks as though i’m having my CD label printed. i talked with troy and he said to bring him the stuff on monday, and i’m not working monday, so it’s convenient, sort of. i’ve also got to go to the social security office, because when i went to renew my drivers license, they told me that the name in their records doesn’t match the social security number on record for me. i’m pretty sure it’s because of the fact that they screwed up my name in order to fit it into their computer, but i’ve still got to go to the social security office to get their word on who i am so i can go back to the dol and say that they’re the ones that screwed up…

i’ve been somewhat perturbed to find advertising windows open on my windows machine, in spite of the fact that there are no other apllications running and haven’t been for a couple of days, so i installed AdAware, and it found a whole bunch of spyware that i *DIDN’T* install. of course i removed it immediately, but when i rebooted, one of them had the audacity to put up an alert window that said “an application has caused the removal of 180search assistant, possibly without your knowledge…” and asked if i wanted to *reinstall*! i’ll tell you what: when i am aware of the fact that i’ve installed your software *the first time* then i’ll think about *re*installing it, but until then you can *KEEP YOUR GODDAMNED HANDS OUT OF MY COMPUTER* thank you very much! it’s that kind of thing that makes me wish i knew more about coding, ’cause i’d write a virus that would track them down and erase their hard drives. grumble, mutter…

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  1. i don’t have any problem determining who i am, and neither does the social security administration… it’s the dol who are the dipshits here. unfortunately, until me and the SSA agree on who i am, the dol is going to revoke my drivers license, so it behooves me to take care of this as soon as possible.

    who is david holmes?

  2. but i’ve still got to go to the social security office to get their word on who i am
    hahaha, i found that line amusing. whats the matter, couldn’t decide for yourself who you are?

    i kid you.

    anyways, i listened to your stuff. its very david holmes. i loved it. i’ll be sure to purchase one of your CD’s πŸ™‚

  3. oh yeah… that… well, all right then.

    actually, those tracks are from my 2nd cd. i haven’t got a garageband page up for the new CD yet, but it’s similar stuff, called The Rite of Slem Bu. i’ll post a message when there’s something besides a few test CDs and a cover that still needs to be printed.

  4. I have seen you, you posted a couple photos of yourself when you wrote about your surgery. I am keenly observant and I have a long memory. πŸ™‚

    Oh my God, I want your CD. You are the absolute coolest! That is exactly exactly EXACTLY what I would expect from you. I must have that.

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