very busy with rehearsals for the upcoming cirque de flambé show. recently it’s been monday cirque rehearsal, tuesday BBWP rehearsal, wednesday cirque rehearsal, thursday philharmonic rehearsal… then last week, friday we went to boise for three days to attend the wedding of laura and scott. laura is a friend of monique’s from high school and scott is a recently graduated from law school guy who lives in boise. boise is a hot, flat, dry place. i think a good word for it is “desert”, but that doesn’t leave much room for doubt, and with boise, there is some doubt. of course we went there on the first day in a long time that we’d had temperatures in the 90s at home, so it was to be expected that the temperature would be 20 degrees warmer where we were going. i’m glad we were on the road, and i’m glad we had air conditioning.

on the way back from boise, we stopped in the middle of nowhere so monique could meet one of the dog breeders she’s been talking to recently, and meet her dogs. she has 16, small, noisy, frantically entergetic dogs, and monique wants to get one, but i don’t think it will be from this lady. she’s gone with trudy to see a dog in gig harbor, one of the ones we looked at a few weeks ago. it’s all a mystery to me. one small yappy dog is more or less the same as the next, as far as i’m concerned, but moe has dreams of being a dog trainer when she grows up, so far be it for me to do anything but support her.

monique bought a powerbook after somebody gave her an ipod a couple of weeks ago, so i’ve spent the whole day rearranging things (again), and have finally got everything working again. basically the powerbook takes the place of the imac, but since it’s faster and more powerful, it also takes the place of the g3, which moves over to my desk, so now i have three computers on my desk.

i’ve wanted to start going to the vedanta society again, now that i’m not reliant on someone else to take me places, but so far i’ve been busy every week. i’ve come to what i believe is the end of a conversation with a couple of “christians”, one of whom is glen and the other one is MH from josh mcdowell ministries. they want to have a “conversation” with me concerning my web pages, but it has very quickly turned into a debate about whether they’re right or not. i recently found the index of logical fallacies which has been indispensible in my arguments with them. i accuse them of redefining infinity when they say that an infinite God is “qualitatively infinite but not quantitatevely infinite”, i accuse them of appeal to consequences, and am able to use the index to my advantage when they accuse me of “begging the question” but they don’t know what it means. they claim to use logic, but in reality they only use logic when it suits their purposes… which is fine as long as i am free to do the same, which i make no bones about. the minute they start saying that their random combination of manmade tradition, sacred revelation and holy scripture gobbledy gook is superior to mine they’re going to have to do a lot more than claim to be logical before i’m going to believe them.

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  1. Geez, that’s a big desk.

    actually, two of the CPUs are on the floor next to my desk, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough room for them. also, i’m hoping to buy a KVM switch pretty soon, so that will reduce the actual computer clutter to my laptop and a single monitor, keyboard and mouse, which will be a BIG improvement.

    It is amazing and wonderful that you are so active after sustaining your brain injury.

    everybody says that. hesitantly, i’m forced to agree, but it’s that hesitation that will keep me wondering, probably for the rest of my life.

    personally, i feel that there’s no other way that i could be. i have always wanted to improve myself, and now it’s even more of a challenge, but it’s still possible. even if i were severely brain damaged, i can’t forsee anything that would get in the way of that desire. the way i see it, there’s one of three possibilities: one, the current situation; two, i experience brain damage that impairs my mobility and communication to the point where i have to have someone taking care of me, but i still have the desire to improve; or three, death, which i’m still not sure i wouldn’t prefer anyway.

    i credit Ganesha, God of Removing Obstacles, for whatever strength and “together-ness” i currently exibit – although i still pray and even complain to Him about things like my right hand, which still doesn’t work quite right, and the fact that it takes me longer to type than it used to because aphasia gets in the way.

  2. i have three computers on my desk

    Geez, that’s a big desk.

    It is amazing and wonderful that you are so active after sustaining your brain injury. You are so lucky and strong to be so together still.

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