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i currently use mandrake 9.1 linux, and am interested in checking out ubuntu, on the recommendation of a number of friends. the only real concern i have is email. i use kmail 1.5.3 on KDE 3.1.3, and i want to transfer all my email messages, filters and folders to whatever linux i upgrade to, and i’m not exactly sure how to do it. can you clue me in?

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  1. I use Ubuntu and I don’t think you have to worry. For one, the install gives you a chance to install it “side-by-side” with whatever OS you currently have going.

    Two, you can install KDE along with Gnome and switch back and forth as you want. Or you can just do the Kubuntu thing as someone suggested.

    Three, I’m pretty sure you (but not positive)can just transfer your email over to the client that comes along with Ubuntu because they use the same open format for mail (unlike M$ #&$!! Outlook, which caused me all sorts of pain when I was trying to recover my reg code for nTrack Studio).

    Which brings us to Four, they have a terrific user support network set up and you can go to http://ubuntuforums.org/index.php and get your questions answered there.

    Except for audio apps (specifically, digital recording apps) I’m pretty much ecstatic about my Ubuntu install. Most everything has “just worked”, as promised.

  2. Also, you should take the folders and repopulate them when you finish the install, in case that’s not clear.

  3. My first instinct is to tell you to get a second hard drive, and install your destination OS (K/Ubuntu) on that, then move over the files and folders that you need.

    Failing that, back up your hard drive to some group of media, or at least all the files and folders you need that can’t be easily replaced, then install and transfer things back.

    Depending on whether your mail downloads to your local computer or resides on the server (or both), you may not need to worry. If the server keeps your mail, or at least a copy of your mail, you can install without worry, as kmail will then grab your mail from the server.

    As for folders and filters, there’s probably a configuration file around for kmail that you can copy off the computer, and then overwrite the default one generated with your custom copy.

  4. i’m not stuck with kmail, but if i switch, i want my email to switch with me… is it just a matter of the mail directory that’s in my home directory being the same? and how to i upgrade to a different distribution of linux without erasing everything in my home directory?

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