i had a very nice conversation with the other day, and i wanted to write down some things related to that, so as to help me solidify them in my brain:

religion is like an infinitely multifaceted jewel. you hold the jewel in front of you, and light reflects off of certain facets and dazzles your eye. at the same time, there are facets on the opposite side of the jewel that you can’t even see. but that doesn’t mean that the facets that dazzle your eye are any more important, or that the facets that you can’t see are any less important.

in fact, if one facet or the other ceased to exist, the whole jewel would vanish.


i put an announcement to the effect on the page which gets the most traffic of any page on my web site. no, i’m not going to tell you which page it is, if you want to know, figure it out for yourself. it’s not the index page, and it’s probably not one of the pages that you might think – it certainly was a surprise to me. it’s now got the following text on it, at the bottom of the page: “Congratulations, you have chosen the page of this web site that has the most traffic. Aren’t you proud? Your partipation makes this page great!”. it got 8 new hits since noon… 8)