i finally got paid for the moisture festival. despite the fact that i put in far more actual work over a longer period of time than i did last year, i only got paid a relatively small amount more than i did last year, which makes me think that next year i’m going to go back to my position of last year, in spite of the fact that last year i was only in the band, while this year i was in the band, an actual performer, and i also made the programs, which took two months of hassling with the chaos on a regular basis and another 48 hours or so of actual work. now that i know what kind of chaos goes on behind the scenes, it will be easier to manipulate myself into a postion favourable to me without having to work so hard. hopefully… the other possibility is that i decide to boycott the moisture festival next year.

as a result of getting paid, however, i had some obligations, which included paying off my sousaphone, so now it is actually my sousaphone. now all i have to do is figure out how to fix all of the broken braces so that it will be held together with more than just zip ties.

i put in an incense order a week ago monday, 30th april. when i checked my bank account on thursday, they hadn’t withdrawn the money yet, so i called them to see what was going on. they said that one person had been sick, and another had quit, so they were running short handed and would ship my order out on friday. when i checked my bank account on saturday, they still hadn’t withdrawn the money, so i called them monday morning to see what was going on. they said that my order was sitting in front of them, and would go out that day. on tuesday (yesterday) i checked my bank account and they finally had withdrawn the money, but then they called me and said that a mistake had been made and that my order was going to out today for sure. if it did, indeed, go out yesterday, as they said, it still won’t get here until at least friday, and if not then, i will probably have to wait until next week.

previously i have not had any trouble from this supplier, except for the last order i made with them, which was stolen or something, because i never received it, although they said they had sent it, and now this.

i have had the same suppliers, more or less, pretty much ever since i started in business. i recently found another supplier which had pretty much identical stock to the main one i have had for 5 years, but has cheaper prices, so i have been slowly moving my old supplier aside and using the new one for most things… except that now this happens. it wouldn’t be so bad except that i have a customer waiting for stuff i have ordered, that would have been here last week if it wasn’t for this screw up.