Merry “christmas”… 8/

GOP Rep Declares US a Christian Nation, Calls on Americans to “Stand Up” and “Worship Christ” – because, you know, “christianity” is opressed by the forces of the devil, and stuff like that…

Colo. Church Gunman Left Twisted Trail – this is what comes of raising your kids to be good “christians”.

Charlie’s Angels – 10 years distributing toys to families of inmates apparently isn’t “christian” enough for gay-hating ministry.

Muslim helps Jews attacked on New York subway – the attackers were “christians”, of course.

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in the past 12 hours, my spam filter has caught over 1000 spam messages, all from the same place, all with the same subject line, and all spamvertising the same web site.

i can understand sending one spam message advertising a new web site (even though i don’t, and wouldn’t, because there are better and more reliable ways to advertise your web site), but sending over 1000 identical emails to the same address is guaranteed to get everything associated with that message blocked real fast…

i know, that’s what they were hoping… why?

hybrid elephant, non-incense stuff

The Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band was written up in the Seattle Times on saturday. there are more pictures if you click the javascript gallery at the times site, or on the static page at the BSSB web site. there’s also John Philip Sousa’s favourite recipe, in case you ever wanted to know. the library of congress apparently offers a whole bunch of JPS miscellanea including scores, instrumental parts, audio files and scrap books… 8) looks like i’m going to have some web pages to update with new information here pretty soon…

someone wrote to me asking about baaṇalingams (which is another name for narmada sivalingams), so i steered him this direction, which, oddly enough, is the result of about 1 hour’s worth of research of on the web, but i didn’t have anything anywhere close on my site, so i put together a new page for it.

Puss In Boots

performance friday: a “little moisture festival” for a party for the company owned by Rick Steves. comments included “how are we gonna top this one?”, “it’s not possible to attend a better party than this!” “best company party ever!” and other enthusiastic comments from the audience. acts included “Bing Croonsby & The Mildew Sisters”, Godfrey Daniels, Henrik Bothe, Nanda and, of course, The Fremont Philharmonic as well as a number of other performers i can’t remember. we got a lot of compliments, as a band, from both artists and audience. simon interrupted my solo in the godfrey daniels piece, but apart from that it went quite well. we even got $30 apiece for being the band! 8)

performances saturday: i left at 12:30 pm and didn’t get back until around 12:00 am. we did two performances of puss in boots, with a two and a half hour dinner break in between (which was a chicken curry that everybody else was yumming over, but i thought was kind of bland and mild without much flavour… oh well). i bought 15 pounds of potatoes as a set dressing (we’re peasants), which is now in my car because we didn’t want to encourage the rats (i actually saw one, walking across the floor like it belonged there!) in the hale’s palladium beer warehouse. the first performance was almost a full house – which means that almost all of the chairs we put out had butts in them, not that the beer warehouse palladium was full – and the second show didn’t have any kids and was about a quarter of what the previous crowd was, but more enthusiastic. it seems like we’re really getting “the hang” of this panto thing, because the second show was actually really good, in spite of the fact that about half the cast was sloshed.

performance today: i’ve got to be there at 1:00, which means that i have to leave in a little less than an hour.

the 2nd time i’ve had this dream this week

i was in a house that felt like my own house, except that it was on a higher hill and had a view from all around. this guy i didn’t recognise came driving up to the house, and i recognised his car as being from a dream i had a couple of nights ago (which is one of the reasons i find this dream particularly significant). he was an indian guy (from india, not a native american), and he started talking to me about his interpretation of ganesha. i was very interested in what he was saying, and listened intently (although i can’t remember, now, exactly what he was saying). while he was talking, a number of other people drove up to the house, and one of them had a stand, like the one i created at the punk rock flea market last weekend. the guy who was doing most of the talking was a guru for the other people who showed up, and the other people were very impressed with what he was saying. i, on the other hand, was skeptical, and kept asking him questions, most of which he answered in a logical and straightforward manner. he was tall, thin, and clean-shaven, with dark skin and black hair that came down to his shoulders and a big smile. he seemed very friendly and personable, despite the fact that the other people were in awe of him and kept a respectful distance. i don’t remember why, but i decided that this guy was representing a cult (i don’t remember which one) that i was not interested in joining, although i seemed to agree with most of what they were saying. when i informed the guy that i was not going to join his cult, the other people started drifting off and the guy with the stand started packing up. i did say that i wanted to buy an earring from him, which was a silver statue of ganesha with rudrakhsha seeds. i hung it from my 1″ ear tunnel, which the guru thought was extremely funny.

come and get it… 8)

3 Tom Zé albums – a few years ago i did software testing for a company that had, as one of it’s clients, Luaka Bop (don’t ask me what they were having us test, because i don’t know). as a result of my brief encounter with fame, i have the US releases of 3 of Tom Zé’s albums. i had heard about him some time before, and actually had The Hips of Tradition on cassette. i heard he came out with a new album recently, which lead me to discovering that he has a lot more music released than just the stuff released in the US. i found 8 CDs available as a bit torrent, but it keeps stalling out and the download time has been creeping up towards infinity all afternoon… so i figured i would offer my own, since i can… 8)

aarrggh! spam!

i keep getting spam from tobacco-barn dot com!

i have been reporting it for about six months, and i have now called them twice to get myself taken off their mailing list, but it apparently hasn’t done any good – as if i expected it to. i haven’t given them my email address, and i have never visited their site, but “somehow” i got subscribed to their newsletter and they keep sending it to me despite the fact that i don’t want it!

and the thing that makes it worse is that the guy that i’ve talked to on the phone doesn’t know the first thing about internet, and the first thing he wants to know is my email address – which, of course, i won’t give him (because if he is running a spam list, all that will do is confirm that my address is real) – and then he gets pissed off at me when i refuse to enable his spamming me.

it’s about time for me to start pestering the washington state attorney general about this… 8/


Punk Rock Flea Market

the punk rock flea market was yesterday. i worked from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm, and i made $30. but my table fee was $25, so really i only made $5, which isn’t an awful lot considering that i worked 9 hours. i did make an awful lot of contacts, though, including the curator for Form/Space Atelier, the gallery where the PRFM was held.

i got another order from the 90210 zip code, and now i’m almost totally out of the most expensive incense i currently stock(!), Zhingkham Kunchhab Chhoedtrin, which is bhutanese temple incense. i have now sent two emails to the manufacturer, Nado Poi Zokhang but it is my understanding that the chinese government has outlawed the exportation of incense from bhutan, so i’m not sure whether or not i’m going to be able to get more.

also i sent out an order to the UK recently, and the recipient hasn’t received it yet, which concerns me… but the USPS computer system has been down all day (at least that is what they would have me believe), so they can’t tell me whether or not the package has even reached their system or not. 8P