happy international cannabis appreciation day

Stoner Voice & Data Systems truck

i was walking home from the post office this morning, and i saw this truck, so i took a few pictures. as i was walking away, i noticed this guy staring at me from across the parking lot, and, as it happens, my path pretty much intersected where he was standing, so i figured that he was responsible for the truck and wanted to ask me why i was acting suspiciously around it. as i walked over, he said “can i help you with something?” i replied, “well, i was taking pictures of the truck because it says ‘Stoner Voice & Data’ on it, and today’s 420…” he said “So?” so i said “well, 420 and ‘Stoner’ sort of go together”, and wandered off.

does he really have no clue what the word “stoner” means these days? was he deliberately trying to get me to “incriminate” myself by drawing the comparison between his truck and cannabis?

oh well… happy 420.

One thought on “happy international cannabis appreciation day”

  1. Two things: first, my roommate’s grandmother’s name was “Stoner” and nobody thought anything of it. She was even even qualified to be a Daughter of the American Revolution, because her maiden name was Hale and her bloodline was traceable right back to Nathan Hale.

    Second, a lot of—I’d even say most—people don’t know what “420” stands for. I think it’s an internet phenomenon that people nudge each other—”Hey, Beavis, he said 420!” (wink, wink) 4/20 is also Hitler’s birthday.

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