i had some maintenance to do on my flickr account, and when i logged out, i was delivered to the front page of Yahoo!

i don’t know for sure that they’re tracking what kind of news stories i read, especially when i’m not logged in, but i think that, when i’m not logged in, they don’t really care – plus i’m paranoid enough that i register every cookie from every web site i visit, and i know for a fact that i don’t have a tracking cookie from yahoo or any of its affiliates…

which makes my experience all the more telling. with all the furor and hoopla that’s going on in the world, the FIRST link that showed up at yahoo was about increased speculation that barack obama dyes his hair… 😐

i guess that’s a drawback of being enlightened: you see where people really need to be taught, and those are the exactly the same times you are effectively prevented from teaching. as uncle al said, it is no good trying to teach people who need to be taught.


THE BOOK OF LIES is a very profound book, and one that contains a fair amount more Truth than the name would imply. today i’ve been taken by Skidoo!, chapter 23. the fact that it is actually chapter 23 (2+3=5) does not escape me, although which came first is quite obvious (the book of lies was first published in 1913, and the principia discordia wasn’t published until the late ’50s or early ’60s). but it’s crowley’s roundabout, poetic way of stating the plain and obvious which makes it so infuriating and intriguing. if he’d just said “The Way out is THE WAY” and given concrete examples of exactly how “The Way out is THE WAY” i probably would have gotten it when i first read the book, in the late ’70s. as it is, i am still pulling threads of wisdom out of it today, and i’m not sure that i’ll ever figure out exactly what he was talking about.