introducing mango

introducing mango
mango is a 16-year-old sun conure that came to live with us today… he likes my beard, but he’s extremely noisy when things don’t go the way he expects they should, and he bites… fortunately not as hard as stanley (who has drawn blood on more than one occasion), but he’s still a little disoriented, having just arrived this afternoon…

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  1. thanks… i am aware of clicker training, and have used it sucessfully on a variety of animals. my wife is a veterinary behaviour specialist…

    who are you, anyway?

  2. Even birds that bite can be re-trained πŸ™‚

    try getting hold of a copy of…

    “Clicker Training for Birds” by Melinda Johnson
    ISBN 10: 1890948152 / 1-890948-15-2
    ISBN 13: 9781890948153
    Publisher: Sunshine Books has heaps of copies πŸ™‚

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