yesterday there was an “incident”… i had gone busking with hobbit at the madrona park farmers’ market. we played for a couple of hours, and then i had given hobbit a ride back to his place. i was feeling a bit light-headed when we arrived, but i hadn’t drunk anything since before we started busking, and i had spent an hour or so, standing in the sun (it was actually quite enjoyable) waiting for hobbit to arrive, so i figured i’d get a drink of water and everything would be fine… but then hobbit and i got to talking, and we smoked some cannabis, and i forgot about getting a drink. i was talking about something, and passed out.

the thing that was weird about it was that i had the feeling that something was wrong with my brain, five minutes or so before i actually passed out, but it didn’t register until afterward.

there’s a possibility that it was PTE, because this has happened to me in the past, and i have experienced a TBI… and there are a lot of things that i have read about absence seizures that match what happened to me, but they happen infrequently and unpredictably enough that i doubt there would be any way of telling without spending huge quantites of money for medical tests.

needless to say, i drank water, and stopped on my way home to get something sweet (in case my blood sugar was low), and i made it home okay. i went to bed around 9:00 and slept really soundly, but i’m still really tired today.

4 thoughts on “weird”

  1. right, well i wonder that, too. and there’s no way of knowing now, but best to be on the safe side in future, i guess.

  2. as with my original injury, it was probably more scary for the other person than it was for me… i tend to look at that sort of thing as weird and interesting…

    and i wasn’t feeling bad, i was feeling a little dehydrated and a little light-headed, but i didn’t feel like there was something immediately wrong.

    i wonder if it would have happened if i had gotten something to drink before we left the farmers’ market…

  3. kinda scary, glad it turned out fine. i guess it’s just a reminder to tend to your basic physical needs, i.e. hydration, etc. when you feel fine, so you don’t get around to not feeling fine.

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