i figured out stumbled across the method of making my mac accessible to my linux box that doesn’t include sftp, but does include smb. theoretically, i’ve got smb running on my linux box, as well (thus the ability to access my mac), but for some reason, my linux box doesn’t show up on my mac.

it’s nothing new. my mac has always shown up on my linux box, and my linux box has never shown up on my mac. the fact that i stumbled across the method of making my mac visible on my linux box indicates to me that it should be fairly easy to make the linux box visible from the mac…

but, so far, it hasn’t happened yet… 😐

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  1. the weird part is that, sometimes and without changing anything, the linux box does show up on the mac… but when it does, i can’t log into it, even though i KNOW the password, and shortly after i try to login, it disappears again and i can’t find it… 😐

    the Mac OS apparently has difficulty connecting to networks that include different OSs, because it also hangs up every time i try to connect to my web server, and i can connect to the web server with my linux box without any difficulty whatsoever…

    i’m fairly confident that macs can connect, and there’s a good chance that, at one point in the distant past, i could have made my mac connect correctly, but it’s not now, and i don’t really have the persistence to learn why at this point, because i can access the mac from the linux box, and that’s all that is needed. 😎

  2. for a while after we first moved in here I had two linux boxes, several windoze boxes and one mac all talking happily with each other. then they “fixed” smb and I’ve never gotten close since.

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