on the verge

i leave for orlando tomorrow. shuttle express is picking me up between 5:30 and 5:50. my plane leaves at 9:10 pm. presumably, the rest of that will be taken up waiting in the security-theatre line and not allowing them to force me to go through the electromagnetic detector that will rip the clips out of my brain… because that would make my trip a lot shorter and less enjoyable.

i’m dreading it a little bit less than i was earlier in the week, because i have figured out some things to do in the case that joe decides that i am persona-non-grata, which is a remote possibility. we’ve argued a couple of times, on farcebook, about political things, which, i suspect, are really not that important to anyone, and joe has never been that “wordy” in his posts to begin with, so i don’t know if he’s just being short because that’s the way he is, or he’s being short because he doesn’t really want to talk to me. i suppose i won’t learn which one until i see him in person, and if it’s for the latter reason, i want to have some other things to do, to take up time while i am on the other side of the continent from home.

i want to drop in to Wonder India, which has a branch office in orlando, because the people in the new york branch have suddenly stopped responding to my emails, and i want to be sure that they’re still in business, because they are the only purveyors of bulk quantities of aparajita that i have found in the US.

also, i want to go to kissimmee, because it has a cool name, and because it is (or, at least, was) the home of Dave Gannett, who is one of my tuba mentors. i also want to go to eustis, which is where friends of mine from the moisture festival a couple years ago are living now… and, if it turns ugly really fast, i also have the option of going to miami and seeing micah’s father, curtis’ “world famous warehouses of treasure”, or, possibly, travelling further south to the keys for a few days, or something like that… but if that happens, i’ll have to drive back to orlando for the next part of my trip

i’m going to be in orlando, or something like that, for a week, then i am travelling to kansas city, missouri, and, from there, i’m driving to warrensburg, missouri, for two days visiting my great-aunt rosemary. i’m also hoping to get to knob noster, because, once again, it has a cool name, and because it’s where my paternal great-grandfather and relatives are buried. if there’s time (which i don’t think there will be) it would be nice to get to Racket and Tightwad…

i’m returning from kansas city to seattle on the one after the red-eye, and arriving in seattle at 9:00 in the morning on friday, june 3rd.

that’s more like it!

160519 new Ganesha
160519 new Ganesha

mouse tail not wrinkled…

160519 new Ganesha
160519 new Ganesha

less white background…

160519 new Ganesha
160519 new Ganesha

smooth graphics, not anywhere near as pixellated…

160519 new Ganesha
160519 new Ganesha

more accurate swastika, unlike the previous one which was (i suspect, deliberately) off center and inconsistent.

ready to start a new season of art-car shows, as soon as i get back from my trip… which i’m dreading… 😨 (which is U+1F628 FEARFUL FACE, if the emoticon doesn’t give it justice) (the trip, not the art-car shows)


when it rains…

i have nobody ordering incense for months, and then, when i’m on vacation, i get two incense orders which i can’t fill, because i’m on vacation… and besides which, one of them somehow ordered more than i have in stock AND he’s an international order for which paypal 😡 never figures the shipping, so yesterday i filled the order i could, and wrote the guy in england with further instructions…

this morning i got another incense order… for two dozen different kinds of incense… 👍 so i put together that order, and shipped them out this morning.

then, i got home and i had another incense order, so i put that together and shipped it out, as well.



last week we went to the beach at moclips. next week i’m going to orlando and warrensburg to see people that i haven’t seen for 40 years (in orlando) and people to whom i am related, but have never met in person before (in warrensburg). it’s also going to be the first time i have flown cross-country and been on the east coast this century, and the first time since my injury… which was 13 years ago, if my memory serves…

it’s also what my handy-dandy chart of when things happen says, so my memory does serve for once.

i’m having the hybrid elephant web site re-designed. instead of using OSCommerce, i’m using wordpress and woocommerce, which will make it a lot easier to keep up to date. i’m fairly sure that it will also provide me a much needed alternative to paypal in the payment department. it’s alledgedly going to be going live, soon… as soon as a few final details are worked out…