oy! 🤬

230528 positive COVID test... 🤬
230528 positive COVID test… 🤬

this is the fourth (or possibly the fifth) time i’ve had it. i’m fully vaxed, fully boosted, i wear a mask everywhere (inside), and i STILL got COVID! 🤬

stop the world… i want to get off! 😠

2 thoughts on “oy! 🤬”

  1. masks are futile. nothing but theatre. but they gave the government types big control hard ons. and fucking killed great swaths of our economy.

    frequent hand washing is the only thing having the data behind it to prove its efficacy.

    after nearly two and a half years here in Michigan, where mask wearing is in the low single digits, the worst recent “outbreak” of Covid amounted to 18 people. there are more than 18 people living in the block and a half that comprises our street.

    1. you are 100% wrong about masks. if you were correct, there wouldn’t have been the requirement for the doctor who performed my brain surgery to wear a mask. the problem is that you believe masks are there to protect the wearer of the mask, and they’re not. the purpose of the mask is not to protect the wearer of the mask, the purpose is to protect other people FROM the wearer of the mask. as was stated very clearly by the CDC, back in february or march of 2020, if EVERYONE would have worn a mask, without exception, we could have gotten ahead of this in 6 weeks. as it is, here we are, two and a half years later, with who knows how many variants, and no end in sight. WEAR A MASK, CTHULHU DAMN IT!! 😒

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