i figure as long as i’m going to pay for this thing, i’ll get some use out of it. i should check the web archive to see if the entries go in there as well.

still no work. unenjoyment doesn’t run out until september, but i’m starting to get worried. i’ve got an interview for a temporary job on monday, but once that runs out in july, then i’ll be right back where i started from, except that it will be closer to september. monique has mentioned that we may have to sell the tahoe, which would mean either a smaller, less versatile car, or taking the bus, which would add even more stress to our already stressful lives.

have i mentioned recently how much i hate wage slavery? it’s even more pronounced since my injury: i hate wage slavery with a passion that wasn’t even imaginable before my injury. maybe one of these days i’ll do something about it.

so i am going to the oregon country fair, for all three days, by myself. it’s kind of a bummer to think that i’m going to have my birthday and the one-year anniversary of my injury without monique, but that’s easier than dealing with the fremont players bitching at me because i was only at OCF for two days. also, apparently jill’s going to be there, which will be the first time i’ve seen her since i was a sophomore in high school… so it won’t be that bad… i think.

One thought on “gof”

  1. unenjoyment 🙂
    Don’t worry too much about the future, just breathe/chant through each moment, and things will unfold as they should for days ahead. I know that whatever you find yourself facing, you will adjust to it and be ok there. Everything that happens is ultimately for our highest good anyway, right? Sure as hell doesn’t feel that way in the midst of many things, but that can generally be seen in retrospect it seems.
    I think it’s cool you’re going. You can have all the rest of your birthdays with your Love. =) And in a way it seems kind of symbolic of your survival and independence that you’ll be alone on the anniversary of your injury. I’m just glad you’re still here.
    Have fun.

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