my mac is now totally dead: recently the auxiliary hard disk died, but the main hard disk was, apparently, okay and, using my network and the hard disk on my laptop as a “stop gap” i was able to struggle and get by… but now nothing shows on the video, and, because of the fact that it’s an “obsolete” machine (which is to say, it’s a G3 running Os9), nobody will look at it to find out what’s wrong. 8(

i just spent the whole day re-organising my “office” to account for the “obsolete” computer moving out. if i get a web site update that contains photos, i’m going to have to do the photo manipulation on moe’s computer, but if i get an incense order, i’m screwed. hopefully i will have figured out a way around this difficulty before it becomes pressing… 8(

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  1. actually i’m thinking more along the lines of a mac mini… i already have more than enough keyboards, mice and monitors around and the mini is small.

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