You scored as Stephen Hawking.

While the functions of gravity are sure to raise your spirits, in terms of physicality they always let you down, as you are quite lame.

You are the type of person that develops ground-breaking theories in the realm of science, but you will take them back, and this will displease the church.

Given that you speak through a computerized voice box and are incapable of natural body movement, you are akin to a repulsive bio-tech mutation straight out of Total Recall, but on the plus side, your gifted intellect makes you quite the formidable opponent in games like Chess and Starcraft.

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking
Dante Alighieri
C.G. Jung
Jesus Christ
Friedrich Nietzsche
Charles Manson
Elvis Presley
Sigmund Freud
Mother Teresa
Adolf Hitler
Miyamoto Musashi
Steven Morrissey
Hugh Hefner
O.J. Simpson
What Pseudo Historical Figure Best Suits You?
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4 thoughts on “721”

  1. a meme is a “unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another” and was originally posited by richard dawkins in 1976… it has nothing to do with the “web quizzes” and suchlike other stuff that are propagated by quizfarm, okcupid, monkeyquiz, blogthings, similarminds or other places like that.

  2. Okay then… enlighten me. I have to know: what DOES the term “meme” really mean?

  3. your theory of a donut shaped universe is intriguing, homer… i just might have to steal it.

    i am annoyed by the use of the term “meme” when it is taken to mean “those mindless quizzes that people put in their ‘blogs’ so that they don’t have to do any real writing of their own” by people who obviously have no idea what the word really means, and i have always been suspicious of those quizzes that load pictures from other servers, and in general, any of the quizzes that set cookies, because i know that someone, somewhere is collecting information about everyone who responds, and what they do with the information they collect is very likely not what the person responding thinks, or would like to have happen…

    and the thing that really annoys me about the damn things is, not only that dante alighieri and stephen hawking are on the same list of “pseudo-historical figures”, but that charles manson, elvis presley, sigmund freud, mother teresa, adolf hitler and miyamoto musashi are all not only on the same list, but somehow all came up with 50% of the answers i posted… buhwhah????

  4. are you as annoyed by the recent misuse of the term “meme” as i am? as a long-time richard dawkins fan, and being interested in memetics itself, i find it offensive that the term has been degraded to the point of, you know, “how many boys have you kissed” and “what’s your favorite band.” i find it disturbing, personally. maybe these things are memes in the loosest sense of the term, but here in livejournal and other such blogoid communities as ours, the term has become exclusively associated with these silly little lists, you know? kids these days have no idea what the depth of the term actually is. no fucking idea.

    but man how you get alighieri and hawking next to each other like that, i have no idea. it blows my mind. i think the people writing these quizzes pretty much stopped putting any effort into it about five years ago.

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