when will it all end

i got the linux box running again, for about 2 hours. then i stupidly believed the system settings when it said that it had detected a different video card – stupidly because, although i am fairly sure it has vesa video hardware, it said it detected sis video hardware, and i don’t know how to change it back using just the text interface. also, it lost the cd-rw drive, but i’m hoping that it is just a ribbon cable, because when i switch ribbon cables, it appears to work. i’m going to buy a hard disk and a ribbon cable at re-pc this afternoon, on my way to rehearsal… and i also have to get another $5 cd-rw drive… 8/

it’s a little easier, though, because i know i’m going to get my data back eventually. when it was actually running, the hard disk seemed fine, and it actually ran the system updater without any problems. also gliz from NBAC called and ordered more business cards, so there’s a bit of money coming in to pay for it all.

One thought on “when will it all end”

  1. Good. As for getting things back in order from the text interface, for X and video hardware, there’s a command…

    dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

    I think, that can be run from the console, and will let you select things appropriately so that it all ends up working out. After you run that and it saves you a new configuration, then hopefully everything will be back in order.

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