this is looking pretty cool…

i am posting this from my laptop, which is running dyne:bolic on a live CD. dynebolic appears to be an open source multimedia workstation, that will “automatically join the CPU power of all the computers on your local network: let the old computers work together with the new, united they’ll all work better”. it appears to have software to create, edit and manipulate, video, audio and images, along with having a respectable net section as well. right off the top, i’ve noticed that it appears to view my monitor differently, but it’s got a lot of cool things to distract me from that. i can apparently create a “nest” on my flash drive where it will remember my environment, so i’ll be able to boot from the CD with my flash drive anywhere there happens to be a computer.

One thought on “this is looking pretty cool…”

  1. Oh, that looks hot! I was just whining the other day about how I can’t do anything with the mega huge mpg and avi files that my and my sweetie’s cameras produce.

    I’m already running Ubuntu on this laptop and it’s happy to set up another boot and let me choose.

    As soon as I finish with my daily reading I’ll be downloading that ISO file.

    Thanks for the tip!

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