incense nazi


Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.

i bought a swastika at the FSM yesterday, and despite my feelings about nazis’ stealing the swastika away from what it truly means, i find it kind of amusing that i can now make jokes about how i am an “incense nazi”… but, at the same time, i also appreciate that if i am able to make jokes about being an incense nazi, the important part is that it’s not about other people, and it’s obviously a joke, whereas most commentary surrounding nazis and swastikas definitely is not considered to be very funny.

also i made $99 at the FSM yesterday, which is one sixth of the repairs that i had to make on ganesha the car over the weekend. only five more days like that to go…

2 thoughts on “incense nazi”

  1. for 10,000 years before anybody even dreamed of the word “nazi”, the swastika was used by every group of people on the planet (including the jews), in every configuration, including the “diagonal” configuration and colour scheme now primarily associated with nazis, as a symbol that means “good luck” and “peace”. it is one of my goals to snatch the swastika away from the people who think that “swastika equals nazi” and prove to them that they are wrong!

    right or left handed, diagonal or not, with dots or without, regardless of colour scheme, the swastika represents ganesha, and ganesha represents the swastika. any other meaning is secondary, at best.

  2. Well, yeah…the swastika will always and forever be associated with the Nazis, but you and I both know that the swastika turned diagonally is the Nazi one, and the horizontal one, such as you have pictured here, is the ancient mystic one.

    Plus, Native Americans refer to it as “a log rolling;” I was told this by an American Indian artist named Lloyd Oxendine.

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