More And More…

this is some of my all-time favourite music, and it’s got me performing in it… 🙂

Yesterday’s Moustache from the album Sketchbook i remember at least 3 different jams that this was taken from, and it probably had some significant post-processing work as well – it’s not a “straight improvisation” but it’s reasonably close, given the number of separate tracks involved.

Cat Stretching which, i maintain, was originally called “Cat Torture On Mars” but was overridden by ken, who suggested the compromise title. i admit that there’s no evidence of this, but i still remember it, and i know i remembered it before my injury, so you can’t blame it on that… 😉

3 thoughts on “More And More…”

  1. for Yesterday’s Moustache, i also seem to recall david mason’s sampler in there somewhere – maybe that’s the M500, i never have paid much attention to details like that… although i do remember that soundworks had a DX5 and not a DX7, so it’s possible that the first track was recorded somewhere else.

  2. Yesterday’s Moustache was originally a jam with Bruce, Ken, and Jeff Greenlee, recorded at Soundworks in Seattle, with Ken on guitar and Bruce and Jeff on Yamaha DX7s. The first overdub was Ken and Bruce, and involved a modified Korg M500 and a Yamaha Portasound of some sort. We put on the cassette mix of the original jam, played along, and recorded it to another cassette, no rehearsal. The last overdub was Ken dubbing bass guitar onto the whole mess – another cassette-cassette bounce. I cheated – I actually learned the song before playing bass on it.

    Cat Stretching (and I adamantly don’t remember the other title, although I had found – seriously, laying in the street in the pouring rain – a four-loko-can-sized chunk of bud wrapped in duct tape about a month or so before the jam/dub sessions) started with the Korg and the drum machine in the Portasound jamming by themselves, with Bruce playing the Portasound keyboard and me playing guitar at the same time. There also may have been a feedback loop of guitar effects playing – I don’t recall for sure. I then dubbed bass guitar over it.

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