की कुर्सी और के जूते

shoezi went out to get the spare tire fixed that moe blew out on the freeway last weekend, and i also went around to various different places to find a chair to replace the one that i’ve been using for 10 years or so, that has taken its share of abuse over the years and isn’t really a chair any longer… moe told me that they have them at walgreen’s, but they only have folding camp chairs with arms, and i need one without arms, so i went to sportsmens’ warehouse, and they didn’t have ’em either, so i went to REI, because i know they’ll have them there… and while i was at REI, i decided to look at the vibram-soled barefoot shoes that i saw at SACBO last weekend, and, lo-and-behold, they actually had them on sale, and they were doing a "backyard camp-out deal with a 15% off coupon for one full-priced item… so, i bought a new folding chair (it’s actually a stool, because it only has three legs, but it does have a back rest) and new shoes for the first time in twenty years or so.

it’s really difficult for me to buy new shoes, because, if they’re not made right, i have a tendency to “run over” them really quickly: the sole of the shoe doesn’t match my weird arches, and i end up either walking on the inside of my feet, or the shoes give me massive blisters, and, one way or the other, i end up wearing holes in the sides of the shoes within a couple of weeks. birkenstocks seem to be the only decently made shoe that i can wear for more than a day with out getting blisters, and that’s been the way it is pretty much ever since i started buying my own shoes… but these are amazing… they’re like being in bare feet, except that they’ve got an extra layer of vibram in between me and the ground, and they’re practically impossible to “run over” because they fit so well… 8)

i’m really jazzed, and can’t wait to “try them out” on a long hike, or a trip to the beach or something… wait! i’ve got OCF coming up… that should do it… 8)