acetocella is the company that made Acqua della Madonna, a sparkling water that came in a gorgeous cobalt-blue teardrop-shaped bottle that i have been wanting to get more of, ostensibly to make bongs. the water is just sparkling water, nothing really special, but the bottle is a work of art…

although, if this photo, gleaned from googlemaps street-view, is any indication, acetocella may be out of business. i don’t really know what makes a place “no longer in business”, particularly in a case where that business is located in another country. if any of you out there have experience with this sort of thing, particularly in italy, could you tell me for sure whether or not this business is still in business, or whether it is an abandoned building that is being used for storage…


i don’t hold out much hope. i wrote to their “info @ acetocella dot com” address and it bounced almost immediately with a “sorry, no mailbox here by that name ” message, which is not a good sign…

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  1. You may have spelled their email address wrong.

    At least the email address that you mention is spelled differently from their web address that you’ve linked to (“c” vs. “s”).

    1. you’re right… however, i tried “info [at] acetosella dot com” as well, and it bounced almost immediately as well. not only that, but i wrote to “stabiadimare [at] libero dot it” which is their other “contatti” address, and, while it didn’t bounce, i have gotten no response.

      it doesn’t look good.

      but that doesn’t negate the fact that i don’t know you. how did you find my blog, anyway? 😎

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