why do i keep doing this?

okay, i know why: in spite of all my complaining about it, the moisture festival has been one of the most lucrative gigs i have all year…

but, as with most years for the past 10, i am on the edge of declaring my boycott of the moisture festival this year, and this is the reason why:

two years ago, the philharmonic played for 10 days worth of moisture festival performances. last year, the philharmonic played for 7 days worth of moisture festival performances. this year we are scheduled for 5 days.

and yet, when i inquired about getting snake suspenderz involved, despite our overwhelmingly favourable reception last year, and our advocacy by such people as avner the eccentric, the response was, as it was last year, that “the moisture festival is not a musical venue”… 😑

i seem to recall, last year, putting together a list of over 50 moisture festival performers who were musicians and whose acts were purely musical, but it probably vanished when i upgraded my email client a few months ago. i have little hope that a similar list would do any good at all, and will only serve to irritate me even more… 😐

5 thoughts on “why do i keep doing this?”

  1. 1) you decided to post here. if you don’t like what you see, it’s your fault.

    2) tactfulness is not my strong point. i have a brain injury which affects my ability to be tactful (among other things), especially in my own blog (where i am not required to be tactful anyway). see What actually happened to me and point 1) for more details.

  2. Thanks for the information, but no need for bitchy overtones, tactfulness is not your strong point is it.

  3. yeah, you couldn’t post at the same place you posted the last time, because the last time you posted was almost a year ago.

    the "new" packaging (as of 121120) is only in the united states, as far as i have been able to tell, and it is a dark brown durbar. i don’t know what the difference is between the “rich 2010” variety and the “charcoal 2011” variety, but it is largely the same aparajita that i remember from the 1970s, when i first became aware of it. at this point, i still have a whole bunch of the batch that i bought in 2011, which is also a dark brown durbar, but with a “cauvery” logo imprinted on it, but i will be importing more of the new variety once the old one is sold out.

  4. I had posted earlier in of your aparajita blogs, I could not post there again because it said comments off. I noticed that Aparajita, has a new packaging, is it a black durbar or a brown one ? Also is the scent more like the rich 2010 one or the charcoal 2011 one.

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