wouldn’t you know… 8/

i had a real, manual typewriter for many years. i had actually cleaned it up while i was in the tech school, but neglected to realise that the plastic keys were soluble in the degreasing soluion in which i vapour-degreased it (before oiling it back up again), so for a long time my perfectly functional manual typewriter had sort-of-roundish misshapen keys… if you were able to touch type (which i still can — thanks to my paternal grandfather — in spite of the fact that i have a brain-injury and type approximately half of the speed that i used to be able to, on a good day), it didn’t make that much difference.

i finally got rid of it after i got married, when we moved into our first house, in renton… after having carried it around with me for many, many years… i hadn’t used it in about 10 years, and… well… who actually uses a typewriter any more?

well, now i’ve got a project that would be perfect for a typewriter, and… 😐

oh well…

maybe i can scrounge one up on freecycle.