i have resurrected ganesha the graphic

140215 Panchamukhi Ganesha The Car
140215 Panchamukhi Ganesha The Car
last night at about 10:30, i found a couple of .eps files of the graphic for my car.

vector renditions, i.e. infinitely expandable and contractable, keeping the same line quality.

today, i confirmed that they are the original, and my modified versions of the graphic, which is excellent, because, otherwise, i wouldn’t have artwork for my NEW car…

whee? 😕

oh, definitely whee… the new car is a hybrid that gets almost 50MPG, and is only slightly smaller than the current car, although it’s white, and not black…

such is life.

2 thoughts on “i have resurrected ganesha the graphic”

  1. great news about the graphic!

    and if the new car is large enough to carry you and your tuba, it’s all good.

    1. if it wasn’t large enough for my tuba, i wouldn’t have even looked at it. that’s the main concern, these days.

      it’s large enough that, potentially, we could do another 12-day stint in salem without too much difficulty… 😉

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