i started four “femenised” Space Queen seeds germinating on 240401. all four of them germinated (no surprise, they were bought from a company that specialises in femenised cannabis seed), so i planted them today.

we’ll see if it works out better than it did last year. 😉

solar eclipse?

so, why is it that when the “Heaven’s Gate” people were saying wacky, and provably untrue things about space and astronomical stuff, everyone EXCEPT the cult members knew that what they were talking about was utter hooey…

but, when marjorie taylor green’s boyfriend, brian glenn starts ranting about what comes after the upcoming solar eclipse, everyone treats it like he obviously knows what he’s talking about, and we had better pay attention to him… because he’s a second-rate right-wing broadcaster? 😕🤷

given the choice, i would prefer the cult. at least they had something to look forward to. 😒