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220218 W.T.FedEx??
220218 W.T.FedEx??
two weeks ago, i discovered that the planters i want for my mushroom project can’t be acquired locally, so i had to order them online, from california. they were originally supposed to arrive wednesday the 16th, this week.


thursday (yesterday) morning, when they hadn’t arrived, i went online to “check my order”, and discovered that they had been waylayed twice in their journey from city of industry, california, and were currently in the middle of their second “waylay-ance”, in lakehead, california.


oh, well… i figured… they’ll be here tomorrow…







actually, no… 😒




today, i check the status of my order, only to discover that the package has been rerouted through st. peters, missouri… only a 2,700 mile detour on a trip that should only have been 1,200 miles to begin with… 🤯

220218 W.T.FedEx??
220218 W.T.FedEx??

W.T.FedEx?? 😒

emergency services must not have a lot to do today… 🤨

a fire truck, with all of its lights on (but no sirens, as this is a residential neighbourhood) just drove past our house.

we live almost at the end of a dead end street, so i went out to see if i could see what was happening.

what i saw, was the fire truck, with all of its lights on, turning around at the dead end, and then driving back up the street.

WTF, right?

then, about five minutes later, i saw an ambulance, with all of its lights on, drive past our house. when i went out, it, too, was turning around, and it, too, drove back up the street…