i’ve discovered the reason why i didn’t die last summer…

D.R., from the cirque, sent out an invitation last night. it seems that he and a bunch of random cirque people have been invited to go and hang out with the clowns from Barnum & Bailey tonight, and i’m going along with him. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as well as a great way to get to know some new people, and i would have hated to die, knowing that this kind of thing was going to happen.

i’m still resting my right hand on the keyboard for long enough that i’m typing lines of llllllllll or multiple spaces between words and stuff like that, which is irritating…

but i’m going to hang out with professional clowns! WHEEE HAH!!!

2 thoughts on “ump”

  1. this was a bunch of clowns from cirque de flambe hanging out with a bunch of clowns from barnum & bailey… no make up or anything, a lot more informal, although there was a fair amount of fire being breathed, eaten, and danced with by a number of folks… one of the elephant trainers showed up, too, when the fire performers came out. there was much merriment and beer (which you don’t get at the shows), to be had by all.

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