i’m torn between apathy, because i know that regardless of who is elected, things probably won’t change that much (and it will continue to remain more or less the same until someone gets tired enough of seeing things go the same way again and actually does something about it), and saying "OH… MY… GOD!" and immediately moving to one of the 9 countries listed in the Index of Economic Freedoms as being more free than the US…

even if (God willing) shrub-boy does something smart for a change, like dying, we’re still going to have to deal with the republican backlash for a long time to come. this is definitely looking like a place i would rather not live.

3 thoughts on “eek!”

  1. i’m outraged about everything these days… the tax rate is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Good God. That economic freedom link is from the Heritage Foundation. Read some more of their stuff, it’s worth a laugh or two.

    Get your arguments in line. That chart is supposed to outrage you about our tax rate, not civil liberties…

  3. It would be beautiful karmic justice if he died, and then old 2nd-in-line just went ahead and had his last heart attack when he found out he was up.

    And yeah, regardless, we’ll still be seeing/enduring the misfortune of this for decades on many levels.

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