i know, more-or-less, what’s going on here and here, but it still leaves me wondering what the hell is going on. these japanese are crazy…

an interview with the bobs on dr. demento last week (part 1 and part 2), which isn’t as good sound quality as all that, but most of it is just words with no actual singing, so it’s bearable, and amusing.

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  1. i know the bobs… matthew bob is a friend of one of my fire-clown friends, both matthew and dan (the new bob) live in seattle, and i clued in richard bob about elwood decker (he wrote a song about him, but didn’t know who he was), who was the last surviving member of the artists colony called “Moy Mell”, and died in 1986.

    we’re going to see them at the shorecrest performing arts centre on february 5th…

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