pipe & runes

it’s amazing what i can do when i’m depressed…

You scored as Chaotic Good. A Chaotic Good person is someone who has little intrinsic respect for laws or authority, seeing them as insufficient to sustain what’s right. These people work according to their own moral compass which, while good, is not necessarily always aligned with that of society. Despite their chaotic tendancies, these people are good at heart.

Chaotic Good


Neutral Good


Lawful Good


Chaotic Neutral


True Neutral


Lawful Evil


Neutral Evil


Chaotic Evil


Lawful Neutral


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5 thoughts on “149”

  1. Aah yes, now I see. I had completely missed your post just before this one. I am so sorry. What a rough situation. I haven’t got any sage advice for you, but I am in full emotional support. I can ceretainly whole-heartedly relate to financial struggles and fears. I know things will work themselves out for the best exactly when they have to.

  2. i’m depressed because we’re probably going to have to sell our house and our new car because i can’t get a job because of my brain injury.

  3. You made all those things?? How cool!
    Why are you depressed? Is it personal stuff or just a leaning toward depressive states sometimes?

  4. what i did was make the three sets of runes and the pipe shown above… because i’m depressed and would very likely do nothing, or something destructive if i didn’t have some creative outlets…

  5. What exactly did you do there? (*did*, as you would say, for emphasis) What is happening in that picture?

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