9 thoughts on “380”

  1. I was under the impression that acid had gone the way of the carrier pigeon… I know I haven’t seen any in years.

  2. maybe it’s the way you look at things when your not high… i never have a problem taking pictures of interesting things, whether i’m high or not… even if i don’t remember what i was taking pictures of when i get the film developed. i remember a picture that i took in reno, nevada, that was a parking lot with a casino in the background, and it took several minutes of studying the photo before i realised that the car in the foreground had a license plate that said “WEE OOO”…

  3. still damned good consider the conditions you were working under πŸ™‚

    i just remembered once, another similar incident only carrying a camcorder round. Everything i looked at through the camcorder looked really cool and had a three dimensional quality to it that was incredible. i had a good friend with me tripping and we were sharing the camcorder and making film to remember the evening by, both of us were fascinated by the visuals we were getting through the camcorder.

    needless to say, when we had recovered, the next evening, we played the video back and were decidedly unimpressed!! LOL!

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