I escaped from the Dungeon of Przxqgl!

I killed Techieguru the rat, Swaz the troll, Theoldanarchist the floating eye, Adityanath the arch-demon, Hexar Le Saipe the minotaur and Frumiousb the dragon.

I looted a Figurine of Madhumangala, the Armour of Utopia, the Wand of Reason, a Figurine of Crash634, the Dagger of Monism, the Armour of Xydexx, the Armour of Timmcveigh, the Sword of Anandamayi Ma and 212 gold pieces.

Score: 312

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the interview went fine, and even though i hit myself in the head with a flaming poi, i didn’t do any significant damage apart from what is already there, and the fact that i was swinging fire around my head impressed them no end, whether i had a brain injury or not. the lady reporter asked me if i could teach her how to do it, but as soon as i lit up she withdrew her application. it will get published either on saturday or next wednesday.