i was just accosted at my front door by two gentlemen in suits and black trench coats who tried to convert me to jehovah’s witless-ism… they ignored the hanuman head that’s hanging at eye-level next to the door, they ignored the “NO SOLICITORS OF RELIGION” sign that is also posted at eye-level on the door, and our house is at the end of a gravel road, on which we are the only house… you would think that, since they were on foot, they wouldn’t bother… unless they had an ulterior motive or a specific request to visit me. 8/

after listening to the first part of their obvious conversion script, i told them that we are hindu, and intend to stay that way, and watched, giggling, as they trudged back down the road in the rain… hopefully that will be enough to convince them not to come back.

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  1. i was a lot more interested in giving them a religious challenge before my injury… in fact, i wasn’t beyond inviting them inside for a cup of tea and a bible study that they would never forget, but since my injury i am affected enough by aphasia that i can’t get much beyond telling them to go away without sounding like i’m a lot more brain injured than i am… 8/

  2. You know, with some of them, I suspect that even with the “Go Away!” signs around them, they have to knock and try, or the elder of the two is not going to be satisfied. Or the elder above them. The best thing you can do for them is give them great stories to tell to the boys back at base camp.

  3. i currently have a hindu prayer, 3 swastikas, a bumper sticker on my car that says “JESUS IS A GATEWAY DRUG” and so far the only comments i’ve gotten are praise and “where can i get a bumper sticker like that” (to which the answer is here). i live in a virulently republican part of king county, and nobody’s vandalised my car yet… maybe it’s because i live in the only house at the end of a gravel road…

  4. With a sign like “NO SOLICITORS OF RELIGION” out front, that’s just obnoxious that they ignore it and solicit anyway.

    I’m sure they’re aware that they are unwanted in many places, but they keep on anyway, which is why I have little respect for those people.

    Unfortunately, a sign like that could also be an invitation for more solicitors to come and annoy you. I dunno, though, it might still be worth it–like the bumper stickers and the darwin fish on the car which risk getting your car vandalized.

  5. A friend of mine said that some religious group (I think it was the Witnesses, but I’m not completely sure) unloaded out of a van in his neighborhood when he was a kid and this youngish woman came up to their house. His father answered the door:

    “Hello sir, I was wondering if I could talk to you about Jesus?”
    “No, but you can give me some of that pussy.”
    “Um, excuse me?”
    “My wife is in the house, but we can go out to the utility room here.”

    Apparently they came back to the neighborhood several times after that, but no one ever came to his house again.

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