at 7:20 this evening i got a UPS delivery from 4-over, which is a trade printing company that does really high quality 4-colour printing for very cheap prices. the package i received contained two hundred 4×6 postcards, 4 colour on one side and one colour (black) on the other side, and i only had to pay $44 for them… around $20 for 100 cards. if i had wanted to get a larger run, i could have gotten 1000 for around $60, but i wanted to make sure that the printing quality was okay before i jumped in with both feet.

and they arrived just in time for World Art Car Day, which happens tomorrow. i’ll probably have representative pictures to post…

anybody need printing done? i’m the guy to talk to… 8)

3 thoughts on “cool!”

  1. it was my impression that she has a printer already, and when i’ve tried to talk with her about helping out with graphics and printing stuff she’s blown me off, so i don’t kmow…

  2. (Sorry about the double post – I was not logged in the firs time)
    Maybe we could do our promo with thes guys.

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