i have bought a "new to me" mac, which is actually almost exactly the same as my old, dead mac. it’s good because it means that i can transfer all of my graphic files and stuff directly from one computer to another without having to do anything more than add the old hard disk to the new machine. i may have to reinstall the system on the new machine, and i may have to switch the old hard disk from being "master" to being "slave", neither of those things will take very long at all, and i should have a functioning mac in a very short period of time… which is very good because i’ve already got two "thinking about it" customers who are still coming up with artwork, and 1 "for sure" customer who is sending me a CD with an indesign file, which i can’t open on either windows or linux, and a TIFF which she is apparently too dim to convert to an EPS file herself (but is a simple matter of "save as" with photoshop, which i don’t think she has). hopefully the files she’s sending are the correct resolution… she said “assume the printer can deal w/” indesign files, and that “know all the printers I’ve dealt w/ in the past use Indesign.” which indicates to me that she hasn’t dealt with too many printers outside of the seattle area, but i know for a fact that the wholesale 4 colour printer i’m using deals with .jpg or .eps files only and won’t even look at an indesign file without an $80 "typesetting" fee, to keep costs down… hopefully i’ve got whatever font it is that she’s using, although she sent me a .pdf of both sides, and i might be able to get that to work if nothing else will.