i need a favour: i need someone to hit Hybrid Elephant, right-click on any image, choose “View Image” (or whatever it says like that) and tell me what happens.

if you wanna be really adventurous (and have the free time and web space), you can right-click, select “copy image location” (or whatever it says) and post the resulting URI in the appropriate image tag on a web page somewhere (in other words, hotlink an image from Hybrid Elephant), and respond to this with a link so that i can go and see what it does.

nothing bad will happen, i promise. 8) one disadvantage to having a fixed IP address is that it doesn’t work for me, regardless of which computer i’m using, and i don’t have ready access to any IP addresses other than my own…

5 thoughts on “920”

  1. 1. Hybrid Elephant
    403 – Whatever you’re looking for, you can’t have it!
    Hybrid Elephant
    /403.shtml (none) http://www.hybridelephant.com

    Whatever it is you’re looking for may or may not exist, but whatever it is, you can’t have it. So there! Nyaah! 8P

    Seriously, most of the graphics you’ll find on this web site are © copyright Hybrid Elephant, all rights reserved, and those that aren’t are used with permission, which appears to be more than you’re getting. Go steal someone else’s bandwidth! 8P

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