i have trouble believing that all this trouble and furor is being made over a 50¢ box of incense…

a guy ordered some incense from me a few days ago: 15 boxes of dragon’s blood. i turned around the order within 12 hours, and mailed it out. he had his 15 boxes of incense within 3 days. no big surprise.

then, about 5 days later, which is to say two days ago, i received email from him, claiming that he had been shorted one box of incense… one 50¢ box of incense.

when i order that particular variety of incense, i order it in 25-box packages, which makes it very easy for me to tell exactly how much incense i have sent out to people. i checked my remaining supply, and, sure enough, i had, actually, sent him 15 boxes of incense, so i wrote back and told him so. he responded to my email yesterday, at 7:30 pm (which is after the post office closes) and told me that he had only recieved 14 boxes.

at this point i figured, what the hell. it’s only a 50¢ box of incense, what do i care whether he received 14, 15 or 16 boxes of incense (i actually give similar boxes of incense as freebie samples to prospective clients all the time), so i packed up one 50¢ box of incense and sent it out to him this morning, on my way to the banda gozona performance at the bilingual orientation center. i planned on emailing him when i got home, and telling him that another 50¢ box of incense was on its way to him.

however… 8/

when i got home, at 2:30 pm, i found i had received a very snippy, angry note from him saying that this was not some scam to get an extra (50¢) box of incense from me, and that the fact that i had not responded to him (after my normal business hours, and when the post office was closed anyway) apparently meant that i am “unwilling to correct the mistake on your shipment” (one 50¢ box of incense), so he would “never do business with you company again. I also will no t recommend any one to do business with you either”…

if i recall correctly, you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try, but still… 8/