i have trouble believing that all this trouble and furor is being made over a 50¢ box of incense…

a guy ordered some incense from me a few days ago: 15 boxes of dragon’s blood. i turned around the order within 12 hours, and mailed it out. he had his 15 boxes of incense within 3 days. no big surprise.

then, about 5 days later, which is to say two days ago, i received email from him, claiming that he had been shorted one box of incense… one 50¢ box of incense.

when i order that particular variety of incense, i order it in 25-box packages, which makes it very easy for me to tell exactly how much incense i have sent out to people. i checked my remaining supply, and, sure enough, i had, actually, sent him 15 boxes of incense, so i wrote back and told him so. he responded to my email yesterday, at 7:30 pm (which is after the post office closes) and told me that he had only recieved 14 boxes.

at this point i figured, what the hell. it’s only a 50¢ box of incense, what do i care whether he received 14, 15 or 16 boxes of incense (i actually give similar boxes of incense as freebie samples to prospective clients all the time), so i packed up one 50¢ box of incense and sent it out to him this morning, on my way to the banda gozona performance at the bilingual orientation center. i planned on emailing him when i got home, and telling him that another 50¢ box of incense was on its way to him.

however… 8/

when i got home, at 2:30 pm, i found i had received a very snippy, angry note from him saying that this was not some scam to get an extra (50¢) box of incense from me, and that the fact that i had not responded to him (after my normal business hours, and when the post office was closed anyway) apparently meant that i am “unwilling to correct the mistake on your shipment” (one 50¢ box of incense), so he would “never do business with you company again. I also will no t recommend any one to do business with you either”…

if i recall correctly, you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try, but still… 8/

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  1. Well, might have been a matter of startign small, like with one pair of pants, and then escalating it into a $65 million dollar suit or something.

  2. hee hee…

    what a good idea… i’ve sent bricks, and raw fish and even a urine sample (it’s a very long story) to various people over the years, but i never thought about fruit… or this guy… 8)

  3. i agree… but one 50¢ box of incense??? that’s what makes this whole thing so unbelievable…

  4. This sounds like someone who was trying to make you bend over backwards and let him rip you off for something that clearly didn’t happen.

  5. Actually, when I want to get back at unreasonable customers I usually mess with their heads. This can be more fun and not as directly negative or confrontational. Probably it’s best to let it slide, but if you want to have some fun, seeing as you have the guy’s address, send him a “heartfelt,” anonymous birthday card every month for a year. Make sure they’re personally addressed to him and inquire as to whether or not he has “accepted Jesus Christ as his own personal savior.” Or you could mail him fruit. Just throw a stamp on a banana and address it with a sharpie–it’s amazing what the U.S. postal service will let slide.

  6. at this point i’d rather just let it slide, but be assured that if i ever receive any further email or orders from him, i won’t be so forgiving…

  7. i can’t send him an email where i rip him a new asshole

    I don’t see why not. This might be bad advice (which wouldn’t be a surprise coming from me), but it seems to me that since you’ve already sent the box, and since he already claims that he’s no longer going to be a regular customer of yours, you now have free reign to be as snarky with him as you’d like.

  8. the thing that really irritates me about the whole scenario is that i can’t send him an email where i rip him a new asshole, because he is, after all, a customer, and the customer is “always right”… 8/

    but thanks for saying that… i totally agree.

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