so ezra graduated from college yesterday, and i was so busy with other things that i completely missed jerry falwell’s death. more on that later.


ezra graduated from college yesterday. that’s so unreal for me to realise, in so many ways… it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that i was sitting, holding a tiny baby in my arms on garden street in bellingham. it doesn’t seem like that long ago that he was graduating from high school and i was in the midst of a legal battle with his mother, and i was working as a test lead at openwave… and that’s all before my injury and everything that came after that… so totally unreal. and yet i’m so proud of him, if for no other reason than he bucked the odds and graduated from college in spite of his mother and i, who both dropped out of college… among other things. there are pictures of the graduation ceremony and stuff, including a picture of the psycho hose-beast from hell, who said her first civil word to me since ezra was 14 years old.

ezra & salamandir

the psycho hose-beast from hell
she’d go nuts if she knew i had actually posted a picture of her on internet, which is the primary reason this picture is here

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  1. He’s following his own dream. That’s the important part of it. And if he does get in a touring company or two, he might make enough to get that Master’s in Amsterdam. Here’s hoping for fortune, possibly accompanied by fame.

  2. she’s probably perfectly friendly if you are unaware of the psychotic games she likes to play. she has a way of playing the victim in a way that draws in people who don’t know her and are apt to sympathise with her perceived problems. and then, when she thinks you’re not looking, she turns into the psycho hose-beast from hell and rips you a new asshole — in my case, when i broke up with her, she tried to make it look like i was a deadbeat dad, so that she could get handouts from AFDC and DSHS, and made me pay child support when i couldn’t afford to pay rent and buy food. she said that she was “homeschooling” ezra, but it was really so she would not have to work. he was 15 before he learned how to read, and it was primarily due to my “illegal” intervention that he graduated from high school at all. then, when you respond, she’ll either say it was someone else (when we were together, it was me) or she’ll file a lawsuit against you and sucker some other person, whom she never knew beforehand, into saying that her side of the story is really the truth.

    scary isn’t even half of it.

  3. he played the hinder-part of the pantomime horse (in other words, the horse’s ass) in the fremont players’ production of Allad’din and His Magic Lamp, a few years ago, but he’s been a lot more into his own thing, which includes involvement in dance productions for various troups, that get taken on tour, which is one of the reasons he went to europe recently… 8)

    i’m hoping that, eventually, he’ll make good on the fantasy about which he has spoken to me, where he goes to amsterdam for his masters degree… 8)

  4. I like the way he thinks. No fun in getting a job you don’t like, just to have a regular income stream. If he can manage to make it work out properly, then more power to him. Is he close enough for some father-son team-up at the moisture festival or any of the Fremont Philharmonic stuff?

  5. as i was standing there with him, one of his colleagues came up and made some conversation in which it was suggested that he ought to get a “real job” now that he’s graduated. his reply was, “no, with all the projects i’m working on already, and where i live, i don’t think getting a job is gonna happen… i’ll just continue to make art and be happy.”

    can you wonder why i’m so proud of him?

  6. Congratulations to Ezra on his success. Any additional schooling planned in his future, or is it working-world time?

  7. Are you certain PHBFH even had anything to do with it?

    i was there, and saw ezra as he emerged from her bowels… so i’m pretty sure…

  8. Your son looks smart and happy and, besides, exactly like you. Are you certain PHBFH even had anything to do with it?

    P.S. PHBFH appears to have very sharp teeth. I am scared.

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