tired. folklife festival happened, mostly without difficulty. although i had to make two trips to load everything in, i didn’t have to make two trips to load everything out because i gave eddie a ride home, and he helped me carry stuff. also, i was able to find a free parking place between the opera house and the KCTS building. it was still on the opposite side of the fairgrounds from where i was performing, but i didn’t have to pay for it. sez she saw me, but i didn’t see her… which isn’t surprising, since i don’t know her and i saw literally thousands of people yesterday… although i did see a guy named jas linford, who went to RVTI in 2000, and is now a dealer for kelly mouthpieces, which are really cool, and because of the fact that i do musical instrument repair, i can also become a dealer and get them for half price…

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  1. what with the price of gas recently, if i don’t have to drive into seattle, i don’t. i spent all of yesterday cleaning the pet-fur out of the living room. 8)

  2. Did you hang out at Folklife today also? The crowds were so thick it actually seemed a little dangerous, but the energy was good. I’m glad I finally caught you perform!

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