i was driving home this afternoon (i had an interesting meeting with to help me learn how to do things with lilypond that i didn’t know how to do) – and i had gotten to just north of the I5-I405 interchange at tukwilla when i noticed a car driving on my left side, exactly even with me and the driver, a man who was probably 45 or 50, with a toupée that was extremely obvious (most of his real hair was on the grey side of black, but the toupée was brown) signalling me to roll down my window.

now i was in the exit lane (there was a large traffic jam ahead and i figured that it would be a good time to find a different route), and he was not, but we were not moving at freeway speeds by any stretch of the imagination, so i rolled down my window and he shouted something that i presumed was something along the lines of “what does your car say?” – which is the only reason anybody says anything to me while i’m driving – so i said that it was “the names of ganesha” – because i was driving and had to keep my eyes on the road, and besides, i had enough problems hearing him that i figured he would not be able to hear much more than that anyway. he responded with something along the lines of “who’s that?”, to which i replied “the Hindu God of Removing Obstacles”. he responded “a Hindu God?” to which i replied “yes!”

and here’s the part that makes me really wonder why he even bothered at all. his reply to my statement that it was a Hindu God was to say “it sounds like a demon to me”. by this time, i had reached my exit, so i just said “whatever” and headed on down the exit ramp…


if it really sounds like a demon to him, does he think that telling me will cause me suddenly to change my mind and completely repaint my car? sure, it’s interesting artwork, but if he really thinks it is a demon, then why did he risk his life and mine trying to have a “conversation” about it, while driving down the freeway? does he think that his telling me that it is a demon will make any impression on me? i mean, it’s not as though i decided one day to put some mysterious looking writing on my car, without regard to what its meaning is? and it’s not as though i just slapped it on my car any old how… it is actually something that took a fair amount of time and skill. and it’s something that i have actually put on my web site, and painted the URI on my car, so that i don’t have to have long, involved conversations with people who aren’t in my car while i’m driving, so it’s obviously something that i’ve thought about a good deal, not just some whim that i decided to act on one day…