aaarrgghh! part 3

it’s not the power supply. i just went out to Re-PC and bought a brand new 500 watt AT/ATX power supply, plugged it in, and it didn’t work.

also, boeing surplus is closing it’s doors as of december 21. the guy said that, after that, there will be a few items offered on internet, but most of what boeing surplus sales is now will go in the scrap heap… which means that if you want that sun machine for $25, you’d better go get it now.

2 thoughts on “aaarrgghh! part 3”

  1. don’t feel too bad, it was a reasonable suggestion, and if i didn’t think so, i wouldn’t have bought it to begin with…

    but at the same time, what else could be wrong? a component of the computer with no moving parts can’t just “wear out” can it?

  2. Damn! Sorry that you wasted money on my suggestion, then. Computer repair shops are expensive. Maybe you can find someone’s cast-off computer for a little of nothing (from a local university or corporation) and see if you can at least get the hard drive working in there?

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