aarrggh!! part 3, continued

it’s an ASRock M810LMR mother board, and after clearing the CMOS on it, it still doesn’t work, which is a solid indication that the mother board is defective…

which i don’t get at all… how can a part of the computer that has no moving parts “wear out”?

presumably, if i buy another socket A462 motherboard (because i don’t want to have to buy a new processor), something more than what has been happening will happen. also i have to be careful to get a mother board that takes DIMM memory chips, because i don’t want to have to buy new memory as well. my recollection is that the mother board itself cost around $40, but if i have to buy a new processor and new memory, it will be significantly more.

now it’s just a matter of drumming up enough customers to pay me so that i can actually afford to buy a new mother board… which could be later this week, or it could be early next year. 8/

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  1. Means he knows nothing about that flavor of Linux. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, he does know soemthing about Linux in general, but it might just be a Windows box or something.

    The Linux box’s components might have been running harder or had something go wrong which scorched some pathways, or something like that. I couldn’t tell you why it failed, I’m not a repair technician, nor could I see the signs if I looked. It’s too bad that the main box is the one to go, though.

  2. my recollection is that i bought the mobo some time around when i had my injury – late 2002 to late 2003 some time, so around 5 years or so… but if you’re putting that kind of a time frame on it, it makes me wonder about my mac, or my windows laptop, both of which are closer to 10 years old than my linux box, and i haven’t had anything like the problems with them that i’ve had with the linux box…

    also, as an aside, i wonder if i should be concerned when the guy that i found in the yellow pages under computer repair said that he had never heard of kubuntu…?

  3. It does have moving parts, just they move at the subatomic level – perhaps some of the electron pathways on your chips have burnt themselves out, which is why the whole thing is shot now. I suppose that’s “wear”. How long have you had this board? If it’s been five-ten years, then maybe wear could be expected.

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