yay, it’s finally over… 8P

i’m still operating at 1024×768, but it is so much better than operating on my tertiary computer which uses an operating system that i hate. i took the opportunity to run all my cables more efficiently, so now my desk doesn’t have the rat’s nest of cables behind the monitor, and i’ve still got to figure out what to do with the 6g drive, figure out which driver i should download, download it, and recalibrate my monitor, and it would be nice to get my mac cd-rw drive working again, but all those things are not entirely necessary and can be done at a much more leisurely pace. props to Silver Adept for all the helpful suggestions.

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  1. it’s set up so that the default paper size is A4, but it’s got letter and legal in the menu, and if you select one of them and then click the “don’t show this dialog box again” box, you get letter every time… then if you actually want A4 paper (or some other size), you have to select File -> Document Setup to change it.

  2. Can’t say as I know anything about either of those. You’re on your own in these case, but with all the possible options out there, you’ll probably find something.

  3. mandrake worked okay for what i wanted it for, but that was very limited, because i had all the mac and windows software i could want. now my mac is dying, and windows is only good for one thing, so i’m branching out. do you know of a good page layout/typesetting program for linux? i’ve tried scribus, but my impression is there’s got to be more out there. do you know anything about font forge? i installed it, but have yet to do anything other than start it to make sure it worked…

  4. Actually, I futzed with Mandrake right around the time it became Mandriva, and got very frustrated with it – RPM is not the greatest package management system, and I had trouble resolveing dependencies and all the common complaints – so I gave up on it.

    The dpkg command is Debian (and derivatives) specific, I think, so unless Mandriva went over to that kind of packaging, I don’t think you would have encountered that command before.

    Always glad to be of help.

  5. see, that’s the thing… i’ve been running one version of linux or another for around 10 years… um… 12 years, now that i come to think about it… but for the past 7 years or so i’ve been running the same version of mandrake (“The Linux for Windows users”, which is now called “mandriva”), so i’ve missed out on all the new distros that have come out since then. i may have known that dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg command in some previous format, but i’ve not had to use it since before my injury, and having someone who knows this distro, even a little bit more than me, made all the difference. once again, thank you 8 million times. 8)

  6. Doing my best to pass along my experience as a tinkerer in computer stuff and the few years of experience that I gained with (K)Ubuntu and Linux/UNIX-type systems in general. In two years or so, Ubuntu’s come a long way. Breezy was okay, Dapper was better, Feisty looks good, and Gutsy’s really looking polished and competitive.

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