in the past 12 hours, my spam filter has caught over 1000 spam messages, all from the same place, all with the same subject line, and all spamvertising the same web site.

i can understand sending one spam message advertising a new web site (even though i don’t, and wouldn’t, because there are better and more reliable ways to advertise your web site), but sending over 1000 identical emails to the same address is guaranteed to get everything associated with that message blocked real fast…

i know, that’s what they were hoping… why?

2 thoughts on “spam”

  1. i know, one of the rules for spammers is “spammers are stooopid”, but i’ve got to think that spammers aren’t that stooopid…

    although i could very easily be wrong…

  2. It’s some new amateur. They bought a list and some spamming software and have no clue how to set the software up. So it hit a loop, ate up all the clock cycles on their server(s) and they’re currently wondering why they’re not “making easy money from home.”


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