aarrggh! spam!

i keep getting spam from tobacco-barn dot com!

i have been reporting it for about six months, and i have now called them twice to get myself taken off their mailing list, but it apparently hasn’t done any good – as if i expected it to. i haven’t given them my email address, and i have never visited their site, but “somehow” i got subscribed to their newsletter and they keep sending it to me despite the fact that i don’t want it!

and the thing that makes it worse is that the guy that i’ve talked to on the phone doesn’t know the first thing about internet, and the first thing he wants to know is my email address – which, of course, i won’t give him (because if he is running a spam list, all that will do is confirm that my address is real) – and then he gets pissed off at me when i refuse to enable his spamming me.

it’s about time for me to start pestering the washington state attorney general about this… 8/