And More

a long time ago, a friend of mine and i made a whole bunch of music under the name of And More (that way we get a plug on every “greatest of” albums, whether we actually perform on that album or not). as of about 5 minutes ago, i have posted the first And More creation, Eighty Years of Network Television, from the album This Music Is Drugs – The Litany Of Drep. there will be more there as time goes on, but for now, i’d like to see how frequently this one downloads.

2 thoughts on “And More”

  1. we have at least 12 CDs worth of music… at least 12… but none of it has ever been processed for digital reproduction. we’ve “released” – i think – one or two cassettes of our music, but the rest of it has sat in storage for 20 years or so. thanks for the feedback. 8)

  2. I just got a chance to listen last night. Way cool!

    You mentioned “And More” a long time ago to me but this is the first I’ve heard of the music.

    It’s kinda like “techno-trance” style… you were ahead of your time. (But then, I sort of expect that from you.)


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